Whenever I am out and about speaking to women about my shoe line and insoles, the same thing always happens. They see how cute the shoes are (and they are), they ask to see other designs and ask where they can buy them. And while pitching my shoes, I mention that they have built-in orthotics. And not only one pair of orthotic insoles but they actually come with two, in slightly different thickness, to change out for a custom fit. 

Cue: record scratch sound effect and looks of pure disgust. 

My cute shoes are suddenly shoes only an old ladies would wear. 

I would like to make a very important announcement. And please excuse the all caps, but that’s how important I think this announcement is: 


Why is it that furniture is built to be comfortable? Mattresses are built to be comfortable. Office chairs are built to be comfortable. Cotton shirts and pants are designed to be comfortable. Pillows, socks, tennis racquets, eye glasses… You name it, and it was designed with comfort in mind.

But Heaven forbid we design shoes with comfort and support in mind!

Taking care of the health of our feet should be a priority. Foot health should be a trend. What is the harm in designing shoes that are cute AND comfortable AND protect your feet from bunions? Cause bunions ain’t cute, ladies.

Know what else isn’t cute? Heel spurs. They hurt. A lot.

Did you know you only have so much fat in your heel and no matter what, it will decrease over time? So the kind of shoes you wear will basically dictate how fast you lose this fat. And ironically this is where you do not want to lose fat.

Our shoes don’t cut into your feet, so they won’t cause bunions. And we add gel in the heel to protect the fat that is there. And yes, technically these protective designs are called orthotics and they have been podiatrist-approved (that’s a phrase women are more comfortable with), but that doesn’t negate how freaking cute these shoes are.

Isn’t it time that women’s shoes were cute AND comfortable AND healthy for your feet? It’s way past time.

If you would like to finally own shoes that make you look and feel amazing, just slip into a pair of our pretty shoes!


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