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These insoles were created for our shoes, but their thin profile make it an easier fit for your other footwear.

We are excited to be one of the first companies using bamboo charcoal leather as a cover. This material absorbs sweat and toxins, and is treated with an aegis microbial, a highly-effective antibacterial shield.  The cushioning is Poron, which allows for absolute shock absorption. Poron is an open cell material so it is very breathable and will not break down over time. It’s commonly used in high-end men’s work boots due to its energy return from shock absorption and extreme durability. The stabilizer is a semi-rigid shell designed for balance throughout the gait cycle. We chose not to use a molded material you see in most insoles since they tend to be bulkier and closed cell causing them to breakdown overtime. Additionally, the semi-rigid shell allows for more flexibility increasing the customized feel of each insole. The design of the semi-rigid shell provides the support needed while keeping the insole sleek and thin. 

For added support, we extended the semi-rigid shell so it hugs the side of the foot. At first glance it appears that the arch is high from this extension but it is a neutral arch that supports multiple types of feet.  Under the heel we added solid gel (more shock absorption) to help stop the breakdown of fat that occurs with aging. Ironically this is the one place you don’t want to lose fat as you can never get it back. Surrounding this gel, we hid a strip of EVA between the layers which is material typically used in athletic shoes and adds a little cushioning bliss.

Yenta + Posha shoes are specially designed with podiatrist-approved, patent-pending, removable orthotic insoles. Remember: Orthotic means support not Old!

Modern Sole Feather
Designed for Women’s open shoes such as ballet, flats wedges.
This design has a slightly narrow heel and lower hugging arch in order to fit and function nicely into a woman’s open shoe
Available in Round toe or Almond/Slightly Pointy toe
Available in whole sizes from 5 – 12

Modern Sole Wing
Designed for Women’s or Men’s Closed shoes such as boots, booties, casual sneakers, etc. that zip or tie closed.
This design has the arch hugging the side of the foot a little higher for added support.
*Please note if a woman has a wide/wider foot they can use this version in their open and closed shoes.
Available in Round toe or Almond/Slightly Pointy toe
Available in whole sizes from 5 – 12






Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 in

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Toe Shape

Round Toe, Almond / Slight Point

Shoe Type

Modern Sole Feather, Modern Sole Wing


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