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We know that women in today’s world are always on the go. Whether you’re heading to work, walking around for your job, or just experiencing the world, women in the modern era tend to keep on their feet. Add that to the ever-evolving and changing standards of the fashion world today, and many women must choose between taking care of their feet and having a style that encourages people to take notice.

Yenta + Posha is a ladies’ shoe company that has a podiatrist approved, patent pending, removable thin profile orthotic insole.  No more having to purchase a separate insole that may make your shoes too tight.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and fashion. For many years, women have ignored any future issues they could have with wearing uncomfortable (yet quite pretty!) shoes.  Or women who need orthopedic support have had to choose between stylish shoes that increase their pain or comfortable shoes that may not fit with their style. Despite the fact that it’s something the fashion world desperately needs, this niche has remained unfilled for years. Yenta + Posha is here to fill that niche.  We offer timeless, gorgeous shoe designs that also provide the support you need to live your best life.  

Our focus is on designs that look great in the office, in meetings, on the run, you name it OR can simply dress up a casual outfit and keep you walking all day.

Our goal is to provide an incredible alternative to the mainstream shoe market, which has to rely on a one-size-fits-all model to ensure that they can put out shoes as fast as people can buy them. We make sure function and quality stand together. Here at Yenta + Posha, we know that every woman is unique. Our shoes channel your inner fashionista without sacrificing comfort, and you’ll never again have to make the reluctant decision to destroy your feet with another public-ready shoe.

We’re also here to ensure that you are well-educated about the importance of your shoes. Not only will we keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, but we’re also constantly scouting the orthopedic world, looking for the newest information and advice on how to take care of an extremely important part of your body. With the Yenta + Posha shoe, you can avoid health issues that will impact your quality of life, but still turn heads.

Yenta + Posha isn’t just here to pump out as many shoes as possible. We’re here to make a real, tangible difference.
We are determined to help local and national non-profits and charities through giving back monetarily from each purchase as well as donating shoes along the way.  We will also be donating to dog rescue as the inspiration of the company name comes from two very special rescue dogs.

The founder, Brianna Schwartz, has been a corporate meeting planner for 10 years.  Setting up tradeshows throughout the US and planning international incentive programs for large groups always led to the same conversation with so many women across the industry.  Why is it difficult to find shoes that can be comfortable for multiple days on your feet and could also be dressed up and down?  This passion became a hobby and this hobby grew into a company: Yenta + Posha- A Modern Sole.


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